I love big muscular hairy daddies', especially when they are dark and swarthy; enter Ibrahim. I met Ibrahim a few months ago on a social networking site and decided to ask him if he would be interested in doing porn. Sometimes asking works but most of the time it doesn't, fortunately he replied with an emphatic "sure man, especially if it's with you!" So on a recent trip to LA I met up with Ibrahim at a coffee shop and toward the end of the conversation he leaned over and asked "Can I suck your dick?" I'm a bit shy so all I could say was "there is no place to do it." He offered a bathroom or maybe the bushes and then we decided to take a walk and scope out a private, but public area; we found one, but it was not too too private. Needless to say it was really hot, so when I returned a month later I knew the scene was going to be filled with chemistry. This may be a short scene (since he kept coming close to cumming and then finally did) but it is definitely very hot and especially if you like big muscular hairy ass!
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