Legendary Cocks from Classic Raging Stallion Scenes: Centurion Muscle, The Big Island, The Shaft, A Porn Star is Born, Sexpack Nine, Sexpack One, Resort to Anything, and Sexus.Centurion MuscleBo Knight, Erik Hunter, Ruben D'AngeloIn typical SLATER fashion, this is the sort of balls-to-the-wall explosion of manmeat that has trademarked JD and RSS since the beginning. Here he has combined HUNTER, KNIGHT, and special guest RUBEN DANGELO into the ultimate triumvirate of hung, humpy, horned-out sexhounds. This scene attains a near mythic quality as it blasts past all previous benchmarks of power, energy and horse hung bravado SLATER has presented. This is a three-way of sucking, rimming, fucking and muscle worship more over the top than anyone can actually be prepared for. We were personally astounded that the cast-iron floor and brick walls held up to the near nuclear blasts of energy these men released (thank heavens for steel re-enforcing beams). These bastions of buffed butch roll over each other like a tsunami of sex, ebbing and flowing majestically. All holes and poles (and they are considerable) get used democratically by all involved. They create an avalanche of raw sleaze and sweat like few ever captured on tape. They will have to invent new adjectives to describe what happens here; current language just doesn't cover it. When at last the rivers of cum flow, you will be as spent as they are, yet we bet you will go right back for more.The Big IslandJustin Christopher and Marc LaSalleIn a tree house hideaway surrounded by lily-padded, bubbling koi ponds, JUSTIN CHRISTOPHER and MARC LASALLE kiss tenderly. Their hands roam over each other's beautiful, muscled bodies. A light tropical shower herds them indoors where we find them in a sensuous sixty-nine. MARC takes on JUSTIN's uncut, fat, ten-inch cock, diving down to the root while JUSTIN laps at MARC's own impressive man meat. JUSTIN's cinnamon is the perfect complement to MARC's chocolate as the two position themselves for a fervent fuck. JUSTIN slides into MARC's eager ass and whips MARC to a frenzied frappe.The ShaftMiguel Leonn and Sean StormThis scene opens up with one of the nastiest fuck and sucks ever produced by Raging Stallion Studios, featuring Miguel Leonn--our Raging Stallion Man of the Year--and Sean Storm, that pig boy from Florida who made a name for himself as a bareback bottom superstar. He really wanted to bareback for us, but we didn't go quite that far (but you will be shocked at how far we do push the envelope!!!). Even though we didn't let Sean take Miguel's juicy load up his ass, we did let him guzzle it down his throat!A Porn Star is BornShane Rollins and Michael Brandon"We're back on set, but this time it's Shane who's getting ready for his close-up -- with Michael Brandon, no less. Big-dicked Michael, who tells his co-star that he's an old hand at these things, coaches newbie Shane with a pep-talk and words to the wise. They are on a yacht and about to film a sex scene in broad daylight under the Golden Gate Bridge. And, honest to goodness, that's exactly what they do! They begin the sex in earnest, sucking cock in plain view of any motorist or jogger en route on the bridge, and Michael's extra-long dick shines like a new penny in the bright sun. For a "first-timer," Shane really does a great job. Michael then rims the bouncy cheeks protruding from Shane's backside before fucking them standing-doggy (Shane backs that thang up with a force equal to Michael's thrusts) and then missionary so hard it's a wonder Shane wasn't fucked overboard. The fucking is quite sensational -- Michael plugs the hole with a vengeance. Michael fucks the cum out of Shane, a very thick load, indeed, and Michael follows with a nice shot." - Butch Harris, ManNet.comSexpack NineSky Donovan and Enrico Vega"It's inspired pairing to put dark swarthy Enrico Vega together with blond god Sky Donovan. Enrico fits Sky's cockhead into his own uncut dick and then Sky gets to blow Enrico. As expected, Sky conquers another of porn's most infamous cocks, this one as thick as it is long. Sky has a grand time, using lots of hot tricks to dazzle his partner, but Enrico doesn't make it easy for him. Instead, he swings his dick around like a heavy puppet and teases Sky over and over until he wants it so bad he manages to gorge himself even more. Sky then climbs on a ladder and has Enrico blow him. Enrico is so dedicated here -- he can fit not only the whole cock in his mouth, but the balls as well! It's a hot oral performance, equaled in its success by a rimjob that follows. Though the camera is Sky's best friend, dancing around his shining skin from all angles, it's the work Enrico is doing that wins the kudos. After the long rim, Enrico thrusts his cock into Sky's butt with one motion and treats Sky to a real fuck. He grabs Sky's feet, knocking him out of any control, and just slams into him. Completely tireless, as if he hasn't already given the performance of his life, Enrico doesn't let up his momentum for a second. As for Sky, he's open and willing for everything he gets, an ace bottom that makes fucking look like the most natural thing in the world. Enrico's cum-shot reaches all the way up Sky's body, a physical reminder of all the hard work he put into this scene." - Brent Blue, ManNet.comSexpack OneJason Branch, Blake Harper & Robert BlackA three way with the hottest men of the year make up the final scene of SEXPACK ONE. Zeus Boy of the Year Robert Black is joined by Jason Branch and Gay VN Performer of the Year Blake Harper for a construction site workover that runs the gamut from Bondage to fucking--including an amazing three guy chain! Blake Harper's puckerhole never looked so good, especially when Jason drives his Empire-Shatering cock right into his gut. Wow! This scene was a contender for best three way that year and illustrates that Raging Stallion doesn't make "just porn." No Sir! This is high class erotic art that will get you off and satisfy your every visual need!Resort to Anything!Michael Brandon and Dylan ReeceMichael Brandon goes to stay at a resort, and even though he can manage to concentrate on stroking his massive penis, he's a little annoyed by the construction going on next door. It seems to be somewhat rectified when the ever-adorable Dylan Reece, here looking haler and buffer than he did before he left us for a spate, suddenly appears to take a break using Michael's dick. Now, Dylan has proven his mettle with some of the hugest around, so it shouldn't be any surprise that he has absolutely no problem pleasing every bit of Michael's dick. So much so, in fact, that Michael's whole body seems to quiver at times. There is no sign of getting winded, of tears in the eyes from stretching, it all just comes naturally to Dylan. Michael tries thrusting into him, and that doesn't at all stop his smiling momentum. However, the success of this blowjob is not in the depth, but the style and trickery used by Dylan to keep Michael tense and wanting. Michael gets to use his mouth in prepping Dylan's ass with a wonderful rim, splitting the hairless cheeks with his hearty tongue. The camera captures the rim very well, and then Michael starts what will be a hallmark of this video -- a tease-fuck. The head seems to get in there, but really it's not. It makes for great viewing, wondering when insertion will finally happen. The ensuing fuck turns up the energy about ten notches, as Michael has no qualms about fucking this ace bottom within an inch of his life. The fuck is shot on a staircase, and it seems as if Michael's force is going to get them clear to the top of it by the end. However, Dylan is a clever bottom. He lets Michael get comfortable by swaying along with his rhythms, and then suddenly clamps his legs and butt solid so that Michael has to crash into him. This is when things are most effective. The intensity is superb. And, there is a surprise thrown in at the end of the scene when he is found fucking Michael. Because he doesn't have a double-digit Brandon-size dick, he doesn't get the thrust momentum of his predecessor, but it doesn't stop him from giving Michael a very exciting pound. Dylan cums on Michael's chest, and then Michael's pops out a geyser of a shot that will be unequaled in this video.SexusTom Vacarro and Sky Donovan"Tom and Sky are featured next and they are already in the throes of a greedy 69 as the camera moves in close. Tom deep-throating Sky's rock-hard meat with ease and Sky struggling (as Luke did earlier) to get as much of Mr. Vacarro in his mouth as is humanly possible. He succeeds quite nicely, thank you very much, and Tom shows his gratitude for a job well done by spreading Sky's smooth buttcheeks apart for a full-tongue rimming. Sky, of course, coos in ecstasy with each lash of the tongue. Tom then fucks Sky every which way but loose. Hrmmp!" - Butch Harris,
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