As the world spins at a break-neck speed, Race Cooper introduces you to his world of hot guys, hot wheels, and hot gay sex! Working as a personal driver for executives at "The Company", Cooper comes in contact with many a powerful client; and offers the executive service that only can come from Race. With a penchant for fast cars, and sex with an edge, Race also crosses paths with loads of horny men who can't help but be taken for a ride, or give one?and Cooper is happy to oblige! Watch as motors run hot, pistons fire, and stick shifts are pushed full throttle every week, as Race and other hot drivers get in on the action on Edger 9! Scene 1 - Executive Rush. Race Coopers day off ends abruptly, with a text for a special executive pick-up. He rushes to meet his client Bryan Slater, already aware that hes going to be late. A short while later, Bryan looks impatient as Race pulls up along the downtown city street where hes standing. Slater waste no time in chastising Race, once in the confines of the BMW. Youre going to have to suck my dick for making me late. Arriving at the executive house, Race immediately drops to his knees, and begins unbuttoning Slaters pants to start sucking his huge thick cock. Bryan moans as he gets the full service from Races professional skill, and grabs Races head to skull fuck him. They undress and move over to the staircase, where Bryan finger fucks and rims Races ass to prepare him for the ass stuffing hes about to get. With a slow and steady thrust, Slater drives his massive cock into Race, making Cooper moan and yell uncontrollably. He pumps Races brown bubble cheeks hard, punishing him for his lack of punctuality. Moving over to a chair, Bryan continues to fuck Race, spreading his legs apart to deep penetrate that sweet hole. Slater is a bossy client and wants a piece of Race in him, after using up Races ass. They switch with Bryan taking it doggy style for Race, as the black stud fucks with a steady rhythm. Bryans tight ass opens up, as Race starts building up speed, getting closer to the edge. Race soon releases a huge load of cum that covers Slaters back and then immediately kneels down to receive Bryans load all over his face. Scene 2 - The Gardener. Race Cooper drives home after a long day, to find his new gardener, Devin Kihlers, working shirtless in the hot summer sun. The two exchange nods and lustful glances, as Race climbs the staircase that leads to the front door. Race makes a quick change from work wear to shorts, and comes back outside to wash his convertible, ever aware that Devins interest in him hasnt gone away. Race motions for Devin to come closer, as he sprays down the hood of the car, kissing Devin deeply. Turned on by the hungry kiss of his worker, Race opens the car door, and pushes Kihlers into the drivers seat. Race pulls out his cock and gives his gardener and himself the break they both needed. Devin shows hes up for the job, and works Race to rock hardness with his mouth. Moving over to the hood of the car, Race plays and licks Devins hole, as it opens up, sensing a hot fuck is about to commence. Cooper waste no time in fucking Devin bent over, and then soon spreading his legs open on his back to fuck even harder on the hood. Race builds up momentum, until he releases a thick juicy load on Devins abs. Devin, now fully worked over, strokes his cock, and lets his own stream of cum out to mix with Races. Scene 3 - The Hitchhiker. Along a rural road, drifter Nick Moretti, tries to thumb a ride into the city. Race Cooper cant help but stop, when he spots the hunky hitchhiker. They drive to an abandoned warehouse in the city, and immediately start tearing each others clothes off. Hungry for thick Italian cock, Race drops to his knees, and gives Nick a vigorous blow job. Moretti finger fucks Race, while shoving his meat down Races throat, and gets both holes ready for thick cock to fill them. The drifter takes full control as he fucks Coopers face, and then bends him over electrical equipment to spit on his chocolate star. With one swift movement, Nick shoves his thick 9 inch cock, balls deep into Race, making Cooper wince and scream in pain. Nick picks up speed as Races yells subside, and moans start to come out as Moretti pounds it harder. As the sun beats down on their sweaty bodies, both begin to move together in a steady rhythm. Without missing a beat, Nick flips Race onto his back, and continues to fuck. The penetration goes deeper, and Races eyes and head roll back, with every thrust that Nick hammers into him. Both bodies move together and build up steam, until Race has the cum fucked out of him, squeezing out a load on his abs. Nick continues to fuck Races sloppy hole, as he feeds the spilled out cum onto Races tongue. Scene 4 - Sir, Your Ride is Here En route to the airport, Race Cooper asks Alessio Romero about his stay in the city. Races agenda is apparent, as he drives the conversation towards wanting a piece of Romero. They make a pit-stop at the executive house, with Race taking full control, despite the reluctance of Alessio. Aggressively kissing and wrestling on the sofa, Race pins Alessio down. They breathe heavily as they strip each others clothes off. Alessio resists the coercion of Race, but gives in as Race begins sucking on the Latins thick cock. Returning the favor, Alessio begins sucking on Races huge black cock, while Race plays with, and slaps the hairy butt hard. Race slowly penetrates the hot Latino hole, while Alessio takes it like a dog in heat on the sofa. The thrusting builds to a steady pace, as Romero rocks back to take Cooper to the hilt. Both men are rock hard, as they fuck harder and faster, driving each other crazy. Now in the zone, Romero takes the wheel, and changes positions to ride on top of Races pole. Grinding deep to take all of Race in him, he cums uncontrollably on Coopers abs. Race not wanting to stop, pushes Alessio, onto his back to finish him off, fucking even harder. He soon reaches climax and spreads a huge thick stream of semen onto Alessios hairy abs. Scene 5 - Street Race. Race Coopers guilty pleasure is stealing cars for fun, but on this day, Tony Aziz gets the jump on him. Not wanting to lose out entirely, a challenge is presented to street race?and the winner fucks the loser. Race makes sure theres no question that Tonys going to have to give it up as they tear down the street, and shortly thereafter leads Tony over to the executive house to claim his prize. Once inside they begin stripping off each others clothes, so that Tony can begin sucking Races thick long dick. Its apparent that Tony likes the taste of cock, and takes Race deep down his throat, as he sits on a chair. With Races cock now standing straight up, Tony awards Race with his plump ass, and mounts the rock solid chocolate stick. With Azizs ass well primed, and Races piston ready for more, they begin to fuck standing up, before Race bends Tony over a railing to give him a full-throttle fuck. Race tears into him with a thunderous pace, and then takes a break to rim Tonys stretched out hole. Moving to the sofa, Tony rides on top again, shoving it deep up his hole. He drives down faster, as Race drives up, until the semen is piston fucked out of him, releasing a thick load on Races abs. Tony then bends down to lick Races balls, as Race beats his meat, climaxing with a forceful and explosive orgasm of semen. Scene 6 - Ignition. Morning in bed, and Race is surfing the internet, with his morning coffee, but he cant ignore the stiffness underneath the covers. Putting the laptop aside, he begins stroking his thick cut meat. As his cock gets harder, he spits on it, to increase his strokes, rotating his fist on the head to make his mushroom cap engorged. Race spreads his legs open so that he can pull on his balls, encouraging the huge cum load within. The morning wood gets slapped against Coopers chiseled abs, before Race begins fingering his hole and fucking the bed. Aware that today needs more than the usual, Race reaches for a butt plug to stretch his hole, Cock fully erect, Race fucks himself with the butt plug, getting the dark star ready for a bigger toy. As he begins to work a big black dildo into his ass, pre-cum starts to squeeze out of his dick. Race moans as the dildo goes further in, bouncing his ass on it, until a juicy enormous cum squirt spills all over Races fist, pumping every last drop out of the thick black cock.
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