Tony Dimarco's Stud Fuckers is a GREAT movie that captures some of the best sex of the year. An all star cast headed by D.O., Tommy Defendi, Angelo Marconi, and Chris porter take this all-sex epic to a new level in terms of hard core, up-your-ass, in-your-face fucking. This is great porn in the tradition of Raging Stallion Studios. This is exactly the kind of movie that made RSS the top studio in the world.

The first scene pairs our Man of the Year, D.O. with new comer Felix Barca. Felix has the body of a gymnast with a light dusting of wonderful chest hair. D.O., being the world's top porn star, towers above him with his eight pack ripping up and down like a washboard. D.O. also has one of the biggest dicks in porn, which Felix devours to the base, his throat stretching and veins popping as he eagerly takes on this giant Argentine cock. D.O. pays Felix back by giving one of the best rim jobs of the year--D.O. loves butt and it shows. He is an expert in getting Felix's hole to hang open--gaping in anticipation for what is next! D.O. fucks him standing up and on his back--Tony Dimarco's camera always where it should be: right up in there measuring each and every thrust. The fucking is so intense that Felix shoots a giant load while D.O. pounds away. D.O. then pulls out and covers Felix in cum--and we mean Covers Felix In Cum!!!

Angelo Marconi and Tommy Defendi, both exclusives to this studio, are two of the finest performers of our age. Angelo has one of the world's most perfect bubble butts, and Tommy as what comes pretty close to being a perfect cock. Mutual blow jobs allow these two to get to know one another, but the action really picks up with another over-the-top rim job--this one involving fingers as well as tongues. Angelo's hole hangs open and Tommy just can't say no! They fuck doggy style, straddling, and missionary style--and because Tommy has such a huge LONG dick, every stroke is in plain view for all to see! Just as in the first scene, our bottom cums while being fucked and then gets slathered in Tommy's cream as well. Wow guys--you did a great job. This is an award winning scene!

The third setup is Christian Wilde and Leo Forte. This is Leo's first appearance at Raging Stallion, and boy were we impressed. What could be better than a darkly tanned, hairy, Latin muscle pup paired with a tall, white, Anglo-Saxon tattooed stud with a big fat cock? Three positions of passionate fucking follow the mutual blow jobs that start the scene. For the third scene in a row, the bottom cums while being fucked. Then something amazing happens--Christian pulls out and starts cuming. He keeps cuming. Then he cums more. And more. This cum shot never ends--it must be an eighth of a cup of man jiz that comes out of his pipeline of a piss hole. His sperm tanks must have been so full they hurt! Its a good thing that Leo drained him, because after another day or so they would have exploded! This cum shot has a good chance of being the best one of the year.

The final scene of the movie presents Cobly Keller (who is one of our new favorite performers) and ever popular Chris Porter. This is another excellent pairing. It should be noted that when Tony Dimarco casts his movies, he takes much care to make sure his guys are really into each other and have what it takes to give great performances. This scene is a fine example of some of the best casting possible. Colby has a huge, massive, thick cock (the kind you dream about late at night when wacking off under the covers). Chris can barely take it down his throat, but he tries. Ultimately he gets it in, even if his eyes bug out from the pressure of having his face stuffed like a turkey. Its another three positions for the fucking, again all set up for maximum viewing pleasure. For the forth scene in a row, the bottom blows his load while being fucked. And you gotta see Colby's cum shot. Lets put it this way--its a fine way to end this amazing movie.

Stud Fuckers is Raging Stallion at its best. This movie is about fucking--excellent fucking from start to finish. Tony Dimarco, the actors, and team Raging Stallion have delivered another knockout performance!

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