The Shaft
Tony Buff & Cameron Adams
After leading fresh faced and boyishly beautiful Cameron Adams to an industrial freight elevator, a rugged and half hawked Tony Buff turns and asks, "Are you sure you're ready for this?" After pondering the implications, Cameron turns, opens the elevator door and Buff manhandles him into a corner of the elevator where he strips the boy down, cutting his cloths away with a knife and working the blade over his body until Cameron is quivering and fully erect. In a surprise move Buff drops to his knees and begins sucking Cameron's rock hard cock, squeezing his balls and drinking his piss. Satisfied by the sweet taste of Cameron's cock and piss, Buff orders him to kick off what remains of his clothing as Buff grabs his rope kit. Buff then slowly ties Cameron down on his knees in elaborate shibari body harnesses, with each pass of rope a caress or embrace. Immobilized, Cameron nuzzles against Buff's crotch though his jeans. Buff finally undoes his belt and button fly exposing his beautifully tumescent monster, letting Cameron smell his manhood and lick the exposed base of his cock. Cameron finally and with great ease deep throats Buff's now fully hard cock before the elevator is taken to the top floor where Cameron is suspended from the support beams. The elevator drops to the bottom floor and Cameron is left dangling, helplessly above the shaft.

Electrical Room
Leo Forte & Drew Cutler
After leaving Cameron suspended from the elevator shaft, Buff enters the electrical room instructing Leo Forte to, "cut the power to the freight elevator," and walks off. Drew 'the dog' Cutler drops in on Forte in the electrical room to coax him into a little play. Forte quickly responds, "You want to play?" Forcing Cutler, already rock hard, down onto a wooden table where he instructs a grinning Cutler, "Don't move!" Forte then uses heavy webbing, screws and a cordless drill to secure him to the table by the wrists, arms, chest, thighs and ankles. Forte starts the action by sucking and licking Cutler's feet and toes and it's not long before Cutler utters his signature "ARUFF," moaning with approval. Forte moves the action to Cutler's throbbing cock where he clamps his thick shaft with a vice grip before a little suck and spit session. Forte's saliva producing ability is legendary and a highlight in this scene. Forte then stops the action to grab a violet wand which he uses to torture and tease Cutler's nipples and cock until he's ready for more spit and deep throat action. Forte then proceeds to edge Cutler, still bound to the table with his ass, throwing on a condom and riding his cock to near climax leaving Cutler in agony. The scene builds in intensity as Forte releases Drew from the heavy webbing, allowing Cutler to pound the pup with full force until he fucks a hot load out of Forte. Cutler follows suit, unleashing a shower of cum over the pup's stomach.

Wet Storage
Tony Buff & Doc Benway
Tony Buff runs into Doc Benway on the street outside the facility. The two are obviously familiar and Buff lures the punk, who has some time to kill, down to an abandoned storage area under the street. Buff in the mood for some heavy punching and impact play has a willing candidate in Benway as the pain pig happily and with great pleasure takes everything Buff has to give, including heavy punching, spit, deep kissing and pit smelling. Buff now hard as a rock, forces the punk on his knees and unleashes a torrent of piss on Benway before face fucking him till he's choking and gagging. Benway devours Buff's throbbing cock while he strokes his own, never losing his momentum. Eager for the punk's ass, Buff bends Benway over, spits on his tattooed hole, throws on a condom and fucks him hard using only spit for lube. Benway, bent over a ladder greedily takes Buff's rough pounding like a champ. Buff moves Benway to a stack of old tires and without missing a beat plunge fucks Benway's juicy hole until it's gaping. Buff takes a break from fucking Benway to release another stream of piss over the punk and into the punk's gaping hole then fucks Benway until the punk blows his load. Buff follows by shooting a hot load over the drenched Benway. The session ends with Buff indicating that it's time to check on the boy he has, "...hanging around."

The Shaft Conclusion
Tony Buff & Cameron Adams
Cameron Adams is still suspended from the top of the freight elevator shaft when Tony Buff returns. Buff stops the elevator near the top to embrace and kiss Cameron while he is still suspended in the rope. Buff then takes the elevator to its full height and releases Cameron from the rigging but leaving the boy bound in the upper body and hip harnesses while Buff eats the boy's ass, preparing it for the fucking to come. Buff unbuttons his fly to reveal his hard cock which he uses to tease Cameron's hole, then slowly begins to slide his cock into the boy, gently working him open before easing the full length of his shaft into the now moaning Cameron. Lifting Cameron off the packing blankets on the floor on the elevator, Buff holds on to the rope around the boy's torso and seems to savor the fuck in a way we haven't seen from him before. Releasing Cameron's hands from the bounds, Buff turns the boy over and pulls him closer and the fucking continues as the intensity builds until both blow their loads all over Cameron and the red rope that drapes his body. Buff collapses into Cameron's arms and the scene ends.

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