Kenzie Madison's next victim is young twink, Leo Fox. It's Kenzie's birthday and you can rest assured he has candles at the ready. Leo, chained at the feet and wrists, is held victim to Kenzie's methods of sadistic sex play. At first, we're mildly aroused by Leo's slim toned body attempting to break free, but he's not going nowhere fast as Kenzie starts to bring out the candles and pours hot wax onto Leo's tight stomach. There's no escape as Leo's head is forced into ice cold water - bringing him a 'Hot n Cold' sensation which is orgasmic to say the least.
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Watch as we prowl the streets on the lookout for tasty young morsels to take back home, tie up and have our way with! This is boynapped - where we nap 'em and tap 'em, and leave 'em stranded! Suckers! Shot in England, these cheeky British lads like to use and abuse, and boy do they live up to their mantra! Click HERE to preview.
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