Jack & Luke in Las Vegas
WARNING - this scene is so hot it will require multiple viewings and may cause lack of focus and insurmountable feelings of lust. Two of porn's hottest properties - FTM star Luke Hudson and the ever stunning Jack Hunter have teamed up to show the rest of the world just how it's done. From their first kisses to the cum dripping out of Luke at the end - this scene delivers that mythical fuck that you had that one time on holiday with that person you'll never see again. Jack knows just how to turn Luke on as he uses his tongue and lips to stimulate the sexy star. Then Luke is on his knees sucking Jack's big cock with the expertise we've all cum to admire. But Luke wants that cock deep inside him and Jack knows just how to make the two of them cum. As the cum drips out of Luke at the end of the scene you'll feel like giving the two stars a standing ovation. Bravo chaps Bravo!

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